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Expert Research and Analysis 

Market intelligence is your most effective ammunition when it comes to acquiring buyers and optimizing digital marketing on  Amazon. We are AMZ Research, a team of top Amazon consulting experts with years of hands-on Amazon selling and product marketing experience.

Our goal is to provide you with targeted market research, analysis, and syndicated reports on competitive Amazon selling categories. Through our data services, and custom competitive analysis, clients are able to discover new new customer segments to acquire, new products to expand into, and win back lost market share.

Our Services

Market Research

Data-driven marketing is critical in achieving the highest possible ROI in Amazon selling. Our meticulous approach to market research is rooted in that knowledge.

With our custom research methodology, we create custom analytics for your business about your competition, customers, and selling categories.

Amazon Consulting

We support a range of strategic and tactical decisions that drive ROI and sales. Clients make profitable data-driven decisions backed by the analytics we provide.

Our consulting services complement our research services by helping you utilize our research results to increase your sales revenue.

Buyer Research

We help businesses reach their target customers through unique brand positioning. Our product review analysis help clients to enhance their products and improve their customer service.

We customize our research to capture your customers’ voices and opinions based on your products’ selling categories.

Marketplace Training

At AMZ Research, we believe in empowering businesses to achieve sales results on their own.  We provide tailored assistance to companies who need hands-on training on profitable Amazon selling.

We conduct virtual workshops and informational webinars to broaden the impact for client teams working remotely.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

 Work smarter, not harder! Our team of Amazon consulting experts and researchers provides comprehensive reports on your preferred Amazon selling category. Armed with this data, you can gain significant competitive advantage and boost your profitability to unimaginable levels!

Our greatest pride is in helping businesses chart a path to Amazon success. We achieve this through accurate data geared towards providing insight at all levels, from market entry to after-sale customer service.

Expert Amazon Consultancy

Make more profitable decisions. With our Amazon categories research, we help you identify lucrative opportunities for your business.

You can then make data-driven decisions that will help you gain an edge in an already competitive market.

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5 Strategies for Advertising on Amazon during COVID-19

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How to Leverage the Amazon Wishlist Feature as an Amazon Seller

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What is Amazon Brand Registry, and How Does it Protect Sellers?

What is Amazon Brand Registry, and How Does it Protect Sellers?

With about 112 million users in the U.S alone, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in America and the best place for brands to sell their products. Most brands, however, remain reluctant to start selling on Amazon. The biggest obstacle for brands selling on...

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