With about 112 million users in the U.S alone, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in America and the best place for brands to sell their products. Most brands, however, remain reluctant to start selling on Amazon.

The biggest obstacle for brands selling on Amazon is unscrupulous sellers counterfeiting their products and ruining the customer brand experience. It’s for this reason that Amazon started a Brand Registry – to protect registered brands.

Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon exclusive program that legitimizes your brand and gives you complete control over how your products are listed on Amazon. The program allows brands to validate their product listings by other sellers to ensure the information is correct and up to date.

Who is Amazon Brand Registry For?

As the name suggests, the Amazon Brand Registry program is for brands or Amazon sellers with active registered trademarks. Manufacturers also fall under the categories that can use Amazon Brand Registry.

How does the Amazon Brand Registry program protect sellers?

Let’s take a look at how Amazon Brand Registry protects your brand.

Protection from nefarious sellers

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and most sellers will go to great lengths to get ahead. It’s not too uncommon to see merchants who hijack products from brands and sell them as their own. Amazon Brand Registry lets you register your brand and gives you sole ownership of the Buy Box.

Control over listing content

Registering on Amazon Brand Registry gives you more room to play around with your listing content and tweak it. This feature puts you ahead of regular sellers who are bound by tight algorithmic rules.

Protection against counterfeiters

The bigger your brand gets, the higher the chances of unscrupulous sellers counterfeiting your products. Amazon Brand Registry allows you to search, identify, and report these counterfeits to Amazon.

Eliminates hijackers

Amazon Brand Registry allows brands to eliminate unauthorized or inaccurate product listings by third-party sellers. It helps protect your brand image by ensuring that only authorized and accurate listings appear on Amazon.

What are the qualifications for Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry isn’t open to everyone, unfortunately. Here’s a list of qualifications you need to meet before applying for the Amazon Brand Registry program:

1.    A registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products

2.    Images of the brand logo

3.    Product images with the trademark logo on the packaging

4.    A list detailing the product categories

5.    A list of the countries where the products are manufactured and distributed

6.    Proof that you have the rights to the trademark or are an authorized agent.

7.    An Amazon account

How to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry

Once you’ve met all the qualifications, here’s how you register to the Amazon Brand Registry program:

1. Create a Registry Account

You need to do the following to signup and verify your Registry Account:

  • Provide your corporate information
  • Verify your identity via SMS
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Hit the “save” button

2. Register your brand

Once you verify your account, the next step is registering your brand. You’ll need to fill out the information on these four pages:

  • Brand Eligibility: – On this page, you’ll need to fill in information about your brand logo and explain the number of brand names associated with your brand. Click the “next” button after finishing.
  • Intellectual property: – This page lets you choose your trademark name, trademark type, registration name, and registration office. Fill out the information and hit the “next” button.
  • Identification: – This is where you’ll upload your brand logos, product and packaging images, and online presence info. Click the “next” button once you fill out the information.
  • Characteristics: – This page lets you describe your brand. You’ll need to enter your manufacturing and license details, your vendor account details, seller account information, manufacturing countries, e.t.c. Click the “submit application” button once you fill out this information.

3. Amazon verification

Once you submit your application, it’ll take 2-10 days for Amazon to validate the information and activate your registry account. Amazon will then send a code to your registered trademark office.

Make sure to inform your contact that Amazon will be contacting them and ask them to forward the code to you. Once you have the code, login to your Seller Central account and “enter the respective case ID,” then click the “Go” button. Choose the “respond or view” button, select “reply,” paste the code, and click “send.” Once you complete the steps, the process of registering should be complete in about two days.

The last step to get the Amazon Brand Registry is activating it for all your products.

Keep in Mind

If you’re a registered brand on Amazon, registering your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry puts you a step closer to protecting your brand. Amazon is always improving the Brand Registry and adding more features. Registering for the Amazon Brand Registry now puts you in a position to enjoy more perks in the future.

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